One Thousand Gifts

Based on the book One Thousand Gifts...  Celebrating eucharisteo...
"Eucharisteo always precedes the miracle!"
  1. The feel of sunshine on my skin
  2. Getting an affirming email
  3. Knowing where a verse is in Scripture
  4. My Freedom Session small group
  5. Giraffes
  6. Steven Curtis Chapman's music
  7. Christmas music
  8. "Winterfall"
  9. By HIS Grace Interpreting Team
  10. I can approach the throne of grace with confidence
  11. Reading an excellent book
  12. Friends who believe in me
  13. Co-workers who support my dreams
  14. BBQ Ranch Chicken Salads
  15. That moment when I'm wrapped in a cocoon of worship and hear nothing else, see nothing else--just me and Jesus
  16. Shockingly bright concrete after a pressure washing
  17. Winning the Dream Trip of a Lifetime to Vegas
  18. Bright, Strong Gerber Daisies
  19. Dreaming
  20. Belly-laughter
  21. Easy eye contact
  22. Friends who know when I start listening to Christmas music
  23. Thankful words
  24. People who call and leave Scripture on my work voice mail
  25. Shockingly broken stereotypes
  26. Clean sheets
  27. Cancer
  28. Waiting
  29. Paying my mortgage
  30. Water and floating in it
  31. Loud laughter
  32. Happy dogs
  33. Navigating a boat through shallow and daaangerous waters
  34. The smell of hay
  35. Wind rushing through open car windows
  36. Sunsets
  37. TobyMac - Tonight
  38. Round bales drying in the summer air
  39. Sisters
  40. Liberia
  41. The silence when white noise is removed
  42. A warm breeze
  43. The dappled sunlight through the trees
  44. Tree canopy
  45. Church.  THE Church.
  46. Encouraging others
  47. Change
  48. New ideas
  49. Sunshine sparkling on new snow
  50. Funny jokes
  51. Life aligning with Scripture
  52. Learning new tricks on the computer
  53. Making amends
  54. Beating laziness
  55. Trips to the dumpster
  56. The Holy Spirit alive in my church
  57. Beautiful word pictures
  58. Recreated hymns
  59. New life kept alive!
  60. Movies with sisters
  61. Hot days cooling off
  62. Movies that make you laugh
  63. Fog in crispy morning air
  64. Kitty kisses
  65. Not having to stop the shower during the summer because the smoke detector isn't going to go off
  66. Incredible new worship songs
  67. Clean carpets
  68. Word studies
  69. God's love never fails, it never gives up, it never runs out on me
  70. Horses
  71. Children grown to beautiful men and women
  72. Grins that never stop
  73. 3 Gifts Red, Read, Written
    Red: Gerber daisies - especially red!
  74. Read: Other people's gifts
  75. Written: Encouragement to other people
  76. The excitement of being entered in drawings!
  77. A Gift Straight, Curve, Turn
    Straight: Serry's hair grown in straight
  78. Curve: Secret smiles hiding laughter
  79. Turn: Freedom from the need to control
  80. Finishing a book
  81. Starting a new book 
  82. Lunch with an old friend
  83. Voices of family
  84. A good night's sleep
  85. 3 Gifts Old
    The jar vase filled with my grandmother's polished rocks
  86. My hands are my mother's hands are my grandmother's hands
  87. The Word of God, living and active
  88. Green lights all the way down College
  89. Being lifted up by the U40's
  90. 3 Gifts Moving
    Wind blowing the flowers on my geranium
  91. Spiritual growth
  92. Sunlight peeking through moving tree branches into my window
  93. A Gift one, two, three:
    One: Ephesians 4--one body, one Spirit, one hope, one Lord, one faith, one baptism, one God
  94. Two: My hands that sign
  95. Three: We sisters three
  96. Clean sheets
  97. Bass pounding on my bare feet
  98. Men's voices raised in worship
  99. Being blessed with so many people who serve on our worship teams
  100. Pastors who seek God's heart
  101. That there is beauty behind some of our Christian cliche's
  102. I am certain I hear my Savior's voice, even if it FEELS confusing - HE is not confusion
  103. I have people in my life who support whatever decisions I make--even if others don't
  104. William's laugh
  105. Friends helping me carry heavy things
  106. Being asked to speak in church
  107. Being trusted
  108. Sparkly clean bathrooms
  109. 3 Miracles
    My sister's healing from cancer
  110. The incredible love of my Savior
  111. The future, promised and cherished
  112. Breaking habits, forming new ones
  113. Wind blowing through the open windows of my car
  114. Fields green, turned golden
  115. Passing communion
  116. Taking communion
  117. Stadium lights in fall
  118. The full moon lighting the world
  119. Songs that make you blast the radio
  120. The ocean, my heart
  121. Haiti
  122. Cool washcloths on a hot day
  123. Selling things
  124. Migrating geese
  125. The release of Pastor Yousef Nadarkhani
  126. A jet black foal
  127. Ocean sunsets
  128. Seeing my breath
  129. The moon in silhouette
  130. The sliver of the moon
  131. Being told I'm a REALLY good interpreter
  132. New friends
  133. Being told by kids that I should be a youth pastor
  134. Being invited (by parents and kids alike) to share in their family day
  135. The crisp feel of fall mornings
  136. The juxtaposition of freezing mornings with hot afternoons
  137. Winterfall
  138. Christmas music snuck on early fall days
  139. The feeling that things WILL be right in the world, hope exists, seasons change, and you always have HOME--all resounding in the first few notes of a song
  140. My friend Sarah's healing
  141. Serry, healed
  142. A splash of sunlight
  143. Fall leaves
  144. Pumpkins
  145. Crisp mornings
  146. Darkness at night
  147. Sunflowers
  148. Liking new vegetables
  149. Having friends
  150. Ezra
  151. Victoria
  152. Leading
  153. Being included
  154. God's Word, spoken clearly
  155. Encouragement
  156. Courage
  157. Jake's Farnsworth
  158. Adrenaline in front of people
  159. New shoes
  160. Wanting movement
  161. Someone else replacing my headlights
  162. "All Clear" MRI's
  163. Jenn's glitter shoes
  164. Words
  165. The Holy Spirit moving freely
  166. A toasty heater
  167. Warm blankets on freezing mornings
  168. Friends gotten closer
  169. Whose Line is it Anyway? FAL Women's Edition
  170. Purry snuggles
  171. Laughing at the radio
  172. Friends who believe in you
  173. Asparagus
  174. Books
  175. 3 Gifts Hallowed
  176. Silent breath of a breeze
  177. God's grace alive in my life
  178. Worship eclipsing fear
  179. Uncertainty for the future--depending on God's provision
  180. Hearing my mother say "I'm proud of you."
  181. The encouragement of my co-workers
  182. Anticipation 
  183. Gifts Eaten
    The comfort of Safeway's Baked Potato Soup
  184. Dove Dark Chocolates
  185. 3 Gifts WornMy purple jade ring from our cruise to Alaska
  186. My silver cross--close to my heart to remind me of the sacrifice of my Savior
  187. My fun socks--especially the ones that say "chicks with brains"
  188. 3 Gifts That Start With N
    Nehemiah--because I have a pastor who wants us all to truly find our places on the wall
  189. Nerves--without having that feeling of being unsure of some things, our faith would never be forced to grow
  190. Northwest--one of the best places in the country
  191. Gifts Gathered, Given, Good
    Broken, hurting people, gathered for healing and praise
  192. Prayer given to those in need
  193. Good times with friends and loved ones
  194. 3 Gifts Acorn-Small
  195. Tiny stitches making a beautiful cross-stitch
  196. A small plant grown three feet tall
  197. Tiny twinkling lights on a Christmas tree
  198. 3 Gifts Government
    Mail-in ballots
  199. Paid holidays
  200. Freedom
  201. 3 Gifts From My Window
    The changing trees, bare to bright to full to orange
  202. Fall soccer games filled with family voices
  203. Streetlamps so I don't stub my toes
  204. A Gift Salty, Sweet, Sipped
    The sweetness of God at our monthly believer's gatherings
  205. Tasty Roasted Salted almonds
  206. Ice cold Diet Coke
  207. 3 Gifts Harvest
    Bouquets of sunflowers
  208. People meeting Jesus for the first time
  209. Anything I can grow on my deck
  210. Resting in the Almighty's shadow (Ps. 91)
  211. God's plans for the Promised Land (Gen. 12)
  212. Strength found in the joy of the Lord (Neh. 8)
  213. God knows exactly what He's doing
  214. 3 Gifts of Remembrance:
    My grandfather crouched in front of the heater
  215. My Gus-Gus, rolling in fresh, green grass
  216. My grandmother's Santas, decorating her house at Christmas
  217. 3 Gifts at Noon:
    The reminder from Abraham's life that even a screw up can hear from God and be used by Him
  218. Friends who rebuke the lies that you may repeat about yourself
  219. A warm house
  220. 3 Gifts Behind a Door:
    My next step in life
  221. Books inside library doors
  222. Friends welcoming me into their homes
  223. 3 Gifts Silent:My home, peaceful
  224. My second language, ASL
  225. Frozen mornings
  226. 3 Gifts Golden:Beautiful gifts given by my co-workers--words of life and love, and I couldn't be more grateful
  227. God's moment to allow a friend and I to pray for a stranger in the freezing night air... again
  228. The edges of my Bible pages.
  229. 3 Gifts Hard Eucharisteo:Tears from a friend praying for her beautiful daughter
  230. Realizing that it is GOD'S grace that is sufficient for us, not that of those around us
  231. Being alone
  232. 3 Gifts of Laughter:
    Serry and I "stealing" Amy's fried chicken
  233. Little kids giggling after church
  234. Uncomfortable laughter after hearing AMAZING stories of God's protection
  235. A gift made, shared, passed on:Christmas presents!
  236. God's story, shared today
  237. The bulldog poster
  238. 3 Gifts Autumn:The smell of fall
  239. The soccer field drowning in water
  240. Bare trees
  241. 3 Gifts of Traditions:Christmas breakfasts--Eve=breakfast casserole, Day=cinnamon rolls
  242. Gift to Jesus, first thing Christmas morning
  243. 1,786 consecutive days of Scripture read
  244. Polished wood, cleanly gleaming at me
  245. Fat cats, asleep at my feet
  246. A microphone in my hand
  247. The smell of Christmas
  248. "Nothing" - and "Everything"
  249. Missionaries
  250. Awesome new pens
  251. Days off
  252. Daylight
  253. Rain
  254. Tides
  255. Communion
  256. Being friends with my Freedom Session small group
  257. Being called a leader
  258. Crickets chirping at night
  259. People who believe in women in ministry
  260. Being capable
  261. Acting in spite of fear
  262. The smell of freshly cut grass in late winter
  263. Ducks back in the pond
  264. Women proclaiming the truth of God
  265. Quiet
  266. Tears
  267. Kids WANTING to talk to me
  268. Seth's face when I told him how KIND I thought he was
  269. Waiting
  270. The piercing pain in your heart that says "you're not there yet."
  271. Trust
  272. Having a flexible schedule with a good income
  273. My insurance isn't great, but it's better than nothing
  274. The smell of llamas
  275. Smiling
  276. God speaking to the preacher first
  277. Laughing at funny TV shows
  278. Lockwood snuggled under my arm
  279. Fighting for the rights of women
  280. Justice
  281. God's grace acting in spite of my need for justice
  282. "I Preach Like a Girl" t-shirts
  283. Sleep
  284. A balanced budget
  285. Pastor
  286. Hashtags
  287. Hold times
  288. New clothes
  289. 12th Man
  290. Interpreting calls from Washington
  291. People sharing my blog
  292. Brand new churches
  293. Being in ministry
  294. Encouraging people
  295. HOPE
  296. The Doctor
  297. Getting Doctor Who gifts from my Mystery Pixie


Gentry Hill said...

You like asparagus?? haha I want to start my own list. :-)

Emily said...

I do NOW! YUM!