Sunday, September 19, 2004

The Boyfriend Arm Pillow

Yup. It's real. And hilarious. LOL


Anonymous said...

Sounds great...too good to be true, even. It failed to mention a price, though. Does he also come with a "right answer bag?" ;) ~Carina

Emily said...

Sigh... LOL It's something else, that's for sure. I just want the REAL one! ;)

THANKS for posting. Miss you--how's VA? School? We should talk sometime! (yeah, I know... coming from the world's worst call-back person--at least lately. I'll email you..) BIG HUGS.

Kristy said...

I want one! And the real one! LOL
On a happy note I finally met someone around my age...going to my church (hearing), a boy, who is going to the local college and majoring in the CIPP...which I also volunteered to help him with! Anyways..he seems nice so far. At least I might have a friend out of it!

Jenni said...

I thought the boyfriend arm pillow was "cute" when I first read it, and then in the last two days it's come to mind more than once! Thinking, to feel like you're getting a hug, even if it's just in your head...that's something. Might make one...

~*Stephanie*~ said...

Ohhhh good grief.
Leave it to women to go buy one of these things
(no matter what the price)!!!
*it was mentioned earlier that the price wasn't listed...probably because they know there are women who will buy these in mass quantities!!
Expect them on every single woman's christmas list!!

Of course it's gonna cost a lot...doesn't everything that has to do with a guy (or lackthereof) cost a lot??

Either it's expensive stuff for the guy to keep the guy... or it's expensive stuff to find a guy... you know, the "how to" stuff, or the books on coping etc....


(I can't believe he's wearing a button up shirt in the picture)??? What's that all about!!
It's the business type guy who's too tired to get in his jammies before cuddling!!
C'MON GIRLS!!!!! they don't cuddle!!! They only do that to GET the girl !!!!! HA HA HA HA HA