Thursday, October 07, 2004


I'm keeping this short - I hope! I'm sleepy.

I just want to say that life is really good right now. I'm busy, I'm stressed, but it's all exciting things. Tomorrow night is our game night and i'm excited and NERVOUS about it. What if no one shows up??? Yeah yeah, hush up, people. It'll still be fun, even if it's just a few of us from the church. I'm PRAYING for more, though!

Last night was small group. I love all those people SO much! God has blessed me beyond belief... If any of you happen to stumble on here... I LOVE YA! Next week is moved to Monday--have to remember that. When I'm with them I just feel... surrounded again. I miss that part of not being in school. There, I had friends all over. Here I have my parents. This is better. :)

Off to bed--I have to get up a little early to bring the games, etc. to the car.

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