Tuesday, December 14, 2004


I've determined I'm too busy.

And then...

I find things I want to do, you know... to ADD to my life. My old oboe teacher (no, she's not old, but she used to be... you get the picture)... ANYWAY, my oboe teacher from when I was in high school played at church this Sunday. She was AMAZING. When I hear the oboe played well, it almost takes my breath away--there's just something magical about it. And I started thinking... "Wow, it would be AMAZING to pick up my oboe and REALLY get into it again." I'd love to go to the store and spend some big time bucks on new reeds (Yeah, they're something like $10 or $15 each), refresh myself on some scales, and then get some lessons again. What for? Fun, I guess. Do I have the time? NO WAY. But I have ALWAYS been part musician, even when I hide it behind ASL. Sigh... Anyone out there want to teach me the oboe (again) for free? I've got the oboe! I'll bake you some brownies!

A week and a half till Christmas. 2 and a half till 2005. Wow. It's here so soon... and yet... last year at this time was SO long ago. I'm hungry.

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