Sunday, February 06, 2005

Number Two...

Last time I tried to post my computer froze. Dumb computer.

I'm going to CA in a few weeks.

Wow... I really don't feel like posting on here... Sorry if this is fragmented or you don't get much.

On Friday something interesting happened. I received a compliment....... from three different people. Two were together and one said something and the other agreed. It was totally out of the ordinary and not even related to what we were talking about. Then I went to the gym and someone said the EXACT same thing there--out of the blue. It was really weird. Very weird.

I ordered clothes online yesterday. Should be here soon... Nice spring/summer stuff. It's supposed to be warm in CA so I wanted to have some summery clothes--to layer and all.

I feel kind of naseous right now--I ate too much for dinner. Just thought you all should know. :)

OK, I need to not be posting. My head is not being friendly at the moment so it's hard for my eyes to concentrate on the screen. I'll type more when I have something interesting to report! :)

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Slicer said...

Hey Emily!

Hope you are feeling better. I haven't been blogging much lately. Don't seem to have much time left over after working. I'm praying for you.