Thursday, August 18, 2005

I hate Access

I just have to post that. Work is good but I'm grumpy about Access - I'm trying to do a database and the report I'm pulling from it is becoming insane. I'm pulling information from about 8 or 10 different tables - which means 8 or 10 different reports then compiled into one master report. UGH. It's SO not working.

Played Dutch Blitz with Gentry and Nate, and then Gentry, Grace and Suzie last night. It was tons of fun - we were SO loud and laughed SO hard. Thanks for the deck again, Jenni... it's getting abused. A lot. :) Where did you get it?? I looked online and they sell it at something like 6 stores in WA. Crazy.

I'm going to work out tonight. I haven't done that in so long... i feel... yucky. I can tell when I don't excercise and I don't like it one bit. Of course...... I don't like the excercise all that much either! I've been eating out too much lately, too. Here's what I think i'm going to do for a week. I'm not going to eat out at fast food during work tomorrow or all next week (and hopefully the week after). That includes the cafeteria downstairs. Of course, that means I need to go shopping. Sigh. Money is spent somehow.

I get to see American Idols Live! on Wednesday - I'm excited. :) I'll tell you all how it is. I wonder when those SCC Christmas tix go on sale.

I want to own my own home. I'm waiting and waiting on that one. Just talked to my mortgage guy again... he's going to run some numbers and get back to me. We'll see what happens.


Slicer said...

Ownership is not all it's cracked up to be. I've got so many projects going that I can hardly keep up. I guess that's what having a wife and kids helps with.

Emily said...

LOL - Matt, I'll take a thousand projects over living at home with my mommy. I love my parents, but I'm getting WAY too old for this!

Jenni said...

I got the Dutch Blitz at Northwestern Bookstore. Most Christian bookstores will have them as well as game stores...but like you said, not many!

Anonymous said...

I saw Dutch Blitz at NW Books as well and Games by James. (There I posted, happy?!)


bloggeruser said...

American Idols Live? Details, Woman!!!!

Hopefully, we can use your new game for the silent games or when we get a chance to hang out!