Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Shout Outs

I don't feel like talking about myself tonight. This one's all about YOU (in random order!). :)

Slicer - He found the FUNNIEST video in the world. You must go here. Make sure you keep him in prayer this week - usually he works the night shift and this week is a week of days. It's a rough transition.

Jenni - I got my birthday present. You crack me up. It was THE most random present I've received - I love it. Thanks.

Kristy - She just got engaged - check out the rock (I ADORE it). Congrats to you and big big love.

John - Keep this guy in prayer, too. He and his family are in Ethiopia right now. Their daughter is sick and they could use a big God-hug around them all.

Barbara (and Michael and Mazen :)) - Lovely people! :) Seriously, this family embodies Christ's love. I feel so honored to be a part of your life and a recipient of your teaching, Barbara.

Johnne - She hasn't posted since July 13. You should all bug her. We haven't seen enough of each other lately. We must get together. And pray. I think it will be time for that.

Kate - Kate's got a new neice! :) YOU I haven't seen in forever. Big hugs to you - I'm thinking about you!!! :)

Britt - You said you're reading... Post! :) Miss you tons.

Amy - Amy has been a missionary (very cool stuff). She knows ASL and interprets (AGAIN, very cool-it's related to the first fact, too!). She also loves Steven Curtis Chapman. Come on... what else do you need in a friend? :)

If I missed you I'm sorry. Tell me. I'll be back. :) :)


Slicer said...

Thanks for the shout out, Emily! We're all the way to Wednesday and I'm still alive!
Tell us about your weekend at the shore...

Jenni said...

GOOD. I'm glad you got my gift. I was planning on calling you today to see if your mailman was dead or what. Love you!

bloggeruser said...

Hi Emily! Thanks for the shout out!

Been swamped with summer work and finally have a week of rest...back to work Monday the 29th and off to a wedding for Labor Day weekend! My oldest niece is getting married! Yikes! We shall get together again! *****HUGS******

By the way, Kyle and I celebrated our 2 yr anniversary yesterday! We will be going down to Oregon this weekend as well! BIG HUGS!!