Friday, August 26, 2005

Thinking, Worship, Singleness and Life... no particular order.

This week has been a very introspective, yet outgoing week. I feel like I've grown in my relationship with Christ and feel so very blessed. on Tuesday night I went to a Bible study where Johnne and I were supposed to "teach" about worshiping in sign language. Well, I think we accomplished what we were supposed to do - SHOW worship, teach them a song, and share our love for the Deaf... but GOD did more than I was expecting. He spoke to me, for one, through a dear friend and one of the pastors there. Both words I received were good, and things I needed to hear - they're like my grandma's coffee pot, they needed to percolate in me a little until they're ready. We also talked about worship that night... and my, oh my have I thought about worship a lot this week. I've been more in the Word, which is really good, but I've also been worshiping God more--playing worship music instead of the radio in the car (WOW, that's incredible, BTW... when you really get into it it's like the Spirit of God just permeates the air...), being more thankful and observant of what God is doing. I think it's made me better. Sometimes I feel like a real... well, i can't say what I feel like because this blog is rated G and there are preschool toys present.

Part of my life right now is that I am single and have the amazing opportunity to enjoy it. I do want to be in love, to be married, to have a family and move on, but I'm not--so I need to be (and WANT to be) thankful for what I have. And part of that is not having to answer to anyone except for God. :) It's going to American Idols concerts and screaming my lungs out and waving at the singers because they were waving at me (and the thousands of other people there - but who's counting them). it's going to bed late and sleeping in, with only a cat and dog to wake you up. It's having the availability to spend more time with Jesus, my precious, precious Savior.

OK, I really need to go to bed. I just started a new book. Oh, Jenni recommended one tonight, too... need to go look that up. THEN it's bedtime.

BTW - to all my FDW friends who read this... I AM BACK! WAHOO!!! :) hehe look at me go, I'm conquering the world. :)


Sara said...

Enjoy your singleness! Its great to experience life on your own before settling down with another. Its also wonderful to share those same expericences with the one you love

Slicer said...

I'd like a ticket for your world conquest tour, please.
Praying for you, Emily!

Emily said...

One ticket for the Slicer family, coming up - don't worry, it's not just good for one person---I thought Mrs. Slicer and a few arrows in the quivers might want to join, too. ;) lol

Thanks for your support, Matt. You're a good friend.

And Sara - you're just loopy. Thanks for the fun yesterday! :)

Carmel said...

Just sayin' hi and sending some *huggles* for ya, Em.

Jenni said...

Wow--even listening to you talk (when i read your blog i imagine your voice), I can hear God in you. I know it is and will be evident to the people you see from day to day, just by being real.