Friday, October 28, 2005

Mmmmmm... I just ate a Mike And Ike. Grin. I'm in my hotel room on Bainbridge Island. This weekend is the WSRID (Wa State Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf) conference. I'm here for work-part of the new job. There are a TON of new faces here. New to me I mean.

Tonight was super fun. We had an interactve story (like the 5 word stry). I went on stage and told part of it. VERY funny! Tomorrow and sunday are wksops and business mtg time.

I'm just checking in... Laughing so much tonight and yesterday made my face hurt. That's a good thing.

Oh and the interpreting community seems really supportive of me in my position and my boss is actually letting me take some reigns. I love it!

K. I'm gonna sleep. Nighty night!

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