Saturday, October 08, 2005

QUICK update

*My little sister is Homecoming Princess (she's a senior) and had the Homecoming football game last night. She got to be on the track and get cheered for and everything. She was gorgeous!

*BJ and I are going to Tumwater's Homecoming game on the 21st. We're celebrating 10 years of not being high schoolers. :)

*I'm really tired right now - just did 2 miles of the 4 mile Walk Away the Pounds (WATP) tape. Yeah, that killed me. But, the second mile was walked in 12 minutes, so that's something to feel good about!

*I'm reading Little Women right now. It's so good. :)

*I love Weight Watchers ice cream bars.

*I love pirates.

*Please pray for my dad right now. It may be nothing, but... there could be a recurrance of what was found in January.

*Dad suggested last night the idea of us buying a duplex together--I'd own one half and live in it, he'd own the other half and rent it. Then, when the time came, I could sell my half to him or buy him out if I want to be a landlord. I'm kind of thinking about it because it means I could get a nicer home that way. Granted one wall owuld be shared, but that's better than the condo idea where 1 to 4 or 5 are shared!

*I'm going to add word verification on my comments to try to prevent spamming. Sorry if it's a hassle. I'm just TIRED of spam on here (and everywhere).


Jenni said...

-I will definitely be praying for your dad! Keep me updated.
-I tolerate pirates.
-I like the duplex idea. A lot.

Emily said...

You would like MY pirates. :) I promise.