Monday, February 27, 2006

Frangos and Life

I just ate a mint Frango. Life is good. Makes me think of Christmas--we always get them from Santa. Actually, that's where this one came from. Couldn't have them during the fast, so now I'm savoring them. ;)

I told Jenni I'd update... but I'm not sure WHAT to update. Tried to do my taxes tonight, but I think I did something wrong... that bugged me a little so I've put them aside for another day. Might check with my dad to see what I'm missing. Oh, the joys of life! grin

I've played my guitar a few times lately... No, John, no day has been as frustrating as Saturday. Just trust me, it wasn't a good time. I'm not finding the music I want though. I need to talk to Anna about that.

Glen, Lilly, John, and I went to see The Pink Panther on Saturday. I laughed a LOT during it... not sure if it was because the movie was extra funny, I was extra tired, or Glen was extra crazy... don't ask, it wasn't pretty. ;) Didn't get much sleep that night, so I'm planning on going to bed VERY early tonight... when I'm done here, actually. Church is tomorrow night and I know it'll be a late night. I'm thankful that Friday is my day off. I'm going to try to really, really rest in the morning (i.e. seriously sleep in... i haven't slept much lately).

OK, that's the exciting news of my life. Say hi. Give me a topic for my next blog--my brain isn't functioning much lately. ;) Night all!! :)


Francisco and Kristy said...

I know I know!! Jenni said something about a certain person in your life that is more important then others. TELL ME!!!! :P

Jenni said...

??? Who, ME?????? :-O

Jenni said...

topic, topic...make a five-item list of little-known Emily facts. Or post some pics ofyour house. nobody knows where you live and for all we know you're really living under a bridge in Arkansas.

Emily said...

Talk to John about the house pictures. My camera is awol right now. :)