Sunday, February 19, 2006

TaeBo and Shout Outs

I'm writing this post because no one has updated their blog. at least enough for me. ;) I did TaeBo this morning and was reminded of why I hate Billy Blanks. hehe OK, so that's a strong word. 12 minutes in and I was ready to quit. Sigh... No, I didn't, but I was tired by the end. it felt good, though. I like taebo because it makes me feel... stronger... in the sense that I have the ability to fight back if it's ever needed. i don't WANT to, but if I HAD to... yeah. I've used it on my dog before. ;) hehe

OK, so... since y'all didn't update yesterday or anything, I'm saying hello to you. :)

Slicer - Matt, you're the one who updates the most these days. :) I love reading about your family and what God is teaching you. Thanks for being a cyber father figure to so many out there--I know I've bounced things off you before. HELLO TO YOU!!!

John H - Life is good, eh? :) Thanks for the laughter AND the serious discussions. You are challenging me to solidify some shaky ground... I like that. Blessing upon blessings to you. HELLO TO YOU!!!

Jenni - Girl, you've got to update more. hehe You should post a post that only says "Hello." People WILL respond. :) Thanks for your friendship... and training ground. ;) HELLO TO YOU!!!

Kathy - I love that you're reading our blogs. I'm visiting yours now, too!!! Despite what you may say to yourself, you are BEAUTIFUL. You are LOVED. You are CHERISHED. You are the apple of your Daddy's eye. Go stand in front of the mirror and repeat that to yourself. DO IT! HELLO TO YOU!!!

Jann - Or should I say Mommy??? :) I love you tons. Thanks for being there, even if I wasn't. You're a strong support in my life and I could never do without you. We've been through too much. :) HELLO TO YOU!!!

Sara - You're one crazy girl. Thank you for the giggles.. and talks. I miss you being online. you always make me laugh! HELLO TO YOU!!!

Brittany - Another Mommy!!! (3 times over!) I'm praying for you and Marty and the boys and the wee one in you. Take some time to absorb the presence of God today. You need it. Love you. HELLO TO YOU!!!

Amy - I love reading your posts because I can understand them. :) You're crazy, girl, I wish you lived up here. We'd do SOMETHING together ministry-wise. You could interpret on our state contract... lalala! ;) HELLO TO YOU!!!

OK, there are more. I'm just cold and need to take a shower. Love to you ALL. I'll do this again sometime. :)


Jenni said...

Yay, that was fun! I think i'll do that on my blog someday. and yes, I will be posting here soon. Probably in the next day or so. Where do the weeks go?? :) Love you.

bloggeruser said...

Hi Emily,

LOL.....Wear a blanket robe while on the computer....Two reasons for not updating lately....Work and Health...Hopefully I will be able to update more often! LOL Thank you for your patience! HUGS!!!

Robin said...

Sis, I LOVE Tae Bo. When I used to have a roommate, (I never see her) I used to make her do it too. LOL I'm like the roommate from he77. <-- Those are upside down LL's. Anyway, I wish you were closer, then we could workout together. I need a workout buddy. I only have someone to workout with 2 days a week. That leaves 5 open for you! Anyway, ttyl