Friday, March 03, 2006

OK... go here and follow the directions:

Here's a good explanation of the windows from a friend:

"You pick words that you feel describe yourself, and others pick from the same list. The upper left hand corner is the words that you and the others both picked - so those traits are known to both yourself and others. The words at the upper right are words that others picked, which you did not - so those are traits that others see in you, which you don't necessarily see yourself. The lower left are traits that you picked which others did not - so there are things that you think of yourself which aren't noticed by others.And the lower right are the words which nobody picked - so they're not things that come to mind when anyone is describing you."


ROBIN said...

So confused. If I click on it...which sounds like wants me to pick thins that describe acebo. But who is Acebo22? Am I really clueless?

Emily said...

that's me dearie. I had to pick a "unique" name. Emily (and variations) were already taken. ;)

pastormathkat said...

Did you get a new one, Emily?