Sunday, March 12, 2006

A Post!

Jenni - when Jann, Sara, and Jaime came to visit me, they saw me put my cowboy hat on... and told me to cross that off the list. ;)

So yesterday I went to a local church with my church peeps and we helped gut a building. A few of us spent several hours pulling nails out of boards so they could reuse the boards in the rebuilding... This morning? my glutteous maximus is a bit sore. ;) After that, John and I went to his dad's for dinner. It was a really nice evening.

No snow this morning. We had some yesterday, but then it all melted. it's realllly weird. I got my bike back yesterday and plan to start riding around town with it. it's going to be interesting... I haven't ridden any sort of two-wheeled thing for awhile, so both my bum and my balance may be a bit off. ;) Well, I've done the bikes at the gym... but they're not the same.

OK, I was hoping to be able to sleep in several hours this morning. THAT didn't happen. So I think I'm going to start my day and then take a nap in the early afternoon. :) I LIKE THAT IDEA. I love naps. :)

Hope y'all are having a great day.


Jenni said...

Snow, snow, snow. We got like 6 or 7 inches last night. Today driving is very fun. Well, interesting anyway. :)

Robin said...

(insert very cheezy fake smile of Robin's here) So, for this post, I was going to put a pic of our snow up on your blog, but photobucket is down for repairs. So lets just imagine I did and put a sassy comment up with it.

Robin said...

click on the link to compare yours with ours

Emily said...

Grin... OK, so you guys got a bit more than we did.


Sigh... I'm just glad I'm not there. ;) hehe