Thursday, April 20, 2006


Yep. I just made that word up. I think it sounds funny and I like it, so there. :-P

Guess what? I'm going to Alaska next week! Anchorage, to be exact. It's for work - Region V RID (Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf) conference. I'm excited, but I'm going alone, so I'm kind of nervous. I hope there are people there I know. Well... I know there WILL be SOME I know (WSRID Pres for one), but I don't have a relationship built with her. maybe God will provide some time for that? Please pray for me that I can be the light He has called me to be there... and that I can represent my office well, AND that I can learn things... Hopefully it'll be good.

God's still working in my life. He never stops that, of course, but sometime I don't listen so well. I'm trying to listen a lot better these days. I'm reading Judges right now... today I read about Deborah. She was cool. ;) Actually, the part I liked the most was when she and Barak sang their song... It all stemmed from the first lyrics: ""When the princes in Israel take the lead, when the people willingly offer themselves— praise the LORD!" WHEN they offer themselves, THEN there is praise!

Seriously... I mean... that's cool. and it's true... when we're WILLING to let God work, use us, speak to us, then we're willing to praise, and praise comes not just from OUR mouths, but from the hearts of those around us. It's an interesting thought.

I'm really contemplating what God wants from me right now. I need to know the Word... I know that. I need to know it, Know It, KNOW IT. He's emphasized that for our entire church, but... I hear it specifically in my own life, too. I need to know the stories, the parables, the big stuff and the little stuff. I need to know where to find it. I need to know how to find it. I don't know why, but since God mandates it... I don't need to know why, right? I'm excited to see why, though... Psalm 119 says to hide the Word in our hearts... God seems to want it written all over me, I guess. What a blessing, though. What a blessing.



Sara said...

That's not fair! But you do get to bring someone along right? My best friend lives in Anchorage and I haven't seen her in almost six years, so I'll be your date ;)

Jenni said...

So some day I'll be like, um you've gotten some writing on your forehead...and you'll go check in the mirror and say "oh, that's Isaiah 1, no biggie", and then I'll be like, 'oh.'

Emily said...


That's TOO funny.
Make it in Hebrew, too... I SO want to learn Hebrew and Greek.

pastormathkat said...

Alaska! Sounds awesome. I'm happy you get to go.

Deborah is awesome. She is one of my favorite Bible characters. Actually, Jael is my favorite. I love that story! LOL

I took Greek and Hebrew classes in my pastoral studies program. But they were mostly just intro and learning enough to be able to understand a word well enough to look it up. They were two-week intensives. Four hours a day for two weeks straight. For the Hebrew class, we would go to class all morning, go out to lunch, then study for 2 or 3 hours in the afternoon. Good memories. I had a HUGE crush on the guy I was studying with, and spending practically all day with him was awesome. We had the best grades in the class, too. :) (Don't ask me if I remember anything, though.)