Monday, May 15, 2006


Hi all. I think I'm up for a dose of honesty on here. If you don't want it, read no further. ;)

Over the last week or two, I've ended up doing some serious self-assessment. God's revealed some major sin-patterns and we're working on them now--and will be working on them for a long time, I'm sure... isn't that the way of life? The good thing is that He WANTS to work on them. He doesn't just criticize and then walk away. He recognizes, allows us to recognize, and then gives us a way out. Of course... it's our choice to take that way. I hope I am!

I also determined that *I* need to be more of a priority than I have been. Well, not in the selfish, "it's all about me" way, but... in a good way. Health... I have to get where I was before. MUST. There is no option. I'm back on track. It's tough, but... it feels good. It feels right. God is pleased with that decision, I know. Watch me be the healthiest me I can be. :)

OK, so I'm still really vague. Whatever, it's a blog on the internet - what can you expect?! :) you want more, ask.

I have 40 minutes before 24. And a kitty on my lap i love it when she sits here. :)
We should have a season finale party next week. 24 is on 8-10... hmmm...


pastormathkat said...

Am I invited to the party??? :D

I TOTALLY understand about needing to take time for you.

You're always in my prayers.

Emily said...

8:00 on Monday - come on up! hehehe :)

Thanks for the prayers.

Jenni said...

Yay for Emily getting healthy. ;) Always a good move. And you FEEL better when you're in a healthy spot. Way to go.