Monday, June 05, 2006

I'm here

Hi all, I'm here.

Sorry about the lack of posts lately. and about not checking any of your blogs, either. Life has been... full. :) June is insane. absolutely insane. but on friday night, god reminded me that I'm supposed to rest in PEACE in him. just typing that made me pause and breathe deeper. he is truly incredible.

I'm having a housewarming (finally) on the 24th. I'm excited and think it'll be really fun. If you read this and didn't get the evite, send me your email addy and I'll evite you. :) I got talked into registering at Linens N Things... not that I'm trying to beg for gifts, but some people said, "I'd rather get you what you want!!" So... there we go. I tried to get an assortment of things. I really want the level thing that beams across the room... it's an "as seen on tv" thing and I fell in love with it when I saw it on tv!!! the other stuff? Well, I put down stuff to say I want that KIND of thing, mostly. Like... a ladel. I just want a ladel. I don't care what brand it is. Or a slow cooker. The one I picked has a timer on it. I thought it was cool. that's about it. :)

I finally pulled my bannisters out of my garage tonight. Got all but one up, because it fell apart when we took it down (oops!). And... I can't find my hammers. I have 2. don't know where either one is. therefore, I cant hammer them back together. therefore, I can't hang that one up. and that's the one for the upstairs hallway--where all the pictures go. i'll have to think of something to put in the downstairs hallway some day... it's so... white. what do you do with a wall that you're pretty much the only one who sees? I mean, i want it to look nice for ME, yes, but... I don't want to waste the cool stuff down there. :)

Anyway, i've got to finish cleaning stuff, unpacking the office completely... deciding if I'm going to put the closet doors back on in here (I think I may--we'll see if it happens before the 24th). I registered for some bath stuff for the office bathroom, so pretty much all I have to do is CLEAN it... it's Whiskers' bathroom. and I need to be better about cleaning her litterbox. it's stinky right now. it'll help when the bathroom isn't halfway barricaded. :)

OK, I'm WIPED. it's almost 10 and i'm ready for bed.

"Good night, sweet prince, and flights of angels sing thee to thy rest!"

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Jenni said...

I didn't get an evite!!!!!