Monday, June 19, 2006


Yes, I should write more. You have no idea.

Here's the update:

* My baby sister is a grown up. She's all graduated. And I'm very proud of her! :)

* Glilly is married. (If you don't know Glen and Lilly, I'm sorry - you should. Check out John's blog for a wedding pic of them.)

* I'm having a housewarming on Saturday. Yes, you're all invited.

* Jann's having a baby. Mandy's having a baby. Yes we all knew that, but I'd reiterate.

* Brittany had her baby. Tammi had her baby. Yes, we knew THAT, too, but... again.

* I don't want to go to work these days. It might have something to do with the dryness of my spiritual life? Who knows. Whatever.

* I have to reiterate the one above. work = blech. I have to fix that somehow, but don't really want to.

* My office is CLEAN. VERY clean. And I've framed and HUNG my two college diplomas and my License to Preach. VERY exciting. I should buy another frame for the day I get my masters. Do you think that'll ever happen? Do you think I could ever be a DOCTOR? it would be so sweet to have a Ph.D. I would love that. we'll see. lots of time, lots of money.

* I miss my CWU friends. I'm very excited you guys are coming here next weekend. I hope Jer (i.e. FRED) can make it.

* That's about it. Night.


pastormathkat said...

By all means, get your Ph.D. Hey, we can go together!

Jenni said...

I'm with mathkat...the ph.d will come. But get your MA first! :) Love you.