Sunday, August 27, 2006


I've been AWOL this summer. My apologies to any faithful readers I might have, I fear I lost you. Or at least bored you out of your mind with your lack of eventful reading materials. :)

That's the only thing I've really done a lot of lately--read, that is. I'm in Anna Karenina right now. Hey, "dream big" I always say. No... I take that back. I never say it. But I'm saying it now, and it's worth saying. I've heard it's one of the greatest novels ever written and it's my turn to read it. I'm proud of myself.

Now, me and Jesus. We're getting back on track. No, I never left Him; I couldn't, I wouldn't do that. I'm not sure I'd be capable of it. But I've hit, well, I guess you could say a wall. No, a moat, a moat around my life and my heart and it has felt impassable all summer long. Only this past week has there seemed like there is any way across this massive cavern in life. For lack of a better, perhaps more grown-up term, it sucked. Period. I'm still struggling with it all--why this summer was so hard, why I am who I am I guess. Or perhaps why I am where I am. Do you realize that today I felt pretty much the happiest I've felt all summer long? Do you know what I was doing? I had just bought a $2 pint of marionberries at the farmer's market--knowing that today is the last day of the season to buy them from Spooners... I had them in my car with me and it's 80-something degrees outside. I have both front windows down, my new hair blowing like crazy, the radio cranked to "Down on the Farm" (YES, I love country), and I was tossing marionberries in my mouth like candy. My fingers were stained purple, my tongue looked like I had just eated Barney, and I was having silly, sun-filled, summer fun. I haven't had that all summer long. It felt good.

So thank you to Jesus, for that opportunity. Yes, I miss You, too. Thanks for the welcome home. I hope you all get one last purple-flavored taste of summer this year.

Welcome Autumn.

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Jenni said...

Mmm, I like that. Purple-flavored taste of summer. Today mine is the cherries I bought at OUR farmer's market. SO good. :D