Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Worship, Autumn, and Adoption

I'm listening to Chris Tomlin's "Made to Worship" - it's on his See the Morning CD due out Sept 26th. I'm excited to get it this fall. I haven't worshiped much this summer. I can kind of feel God's tug...

It is definitely fall around here. Leaves are falling and the wind is blowing... the sky is a crisp, autumn blue. The temperature dropped 20 degrees from yesterday to today - and it's supposed to rain soon. I am so blessed by this. :)

Today was the Combined Fund Drive fair at work. I went because I got a free ticket for one of the Costco hot dogs, chips, and a pop. Of course, to get there and back to my office, I had to see all of the recipients of DSHS employee's giving (ok, not ALL, but a few). I was walking along and I suddenly saw Bethany Christian Services, an adoption agency. Of course I stopped, it's an agency that Steven used - I've been to their site before and seen some of their stuff. I picked up some of their brochures, etc., and started talking to the lady... when I got back to my office, I ate my hot dog and read some of the stories in their newsletter/magazine. I started crying with each one--trying to dry up between stories (and bites ;)), but by the end of each story I read... my eyes were filling again.

I'm just unable to fathom how God has worked His way into that hardened area of my heart and planted such a strong desire to adopt. I often tell people that if it is determined that I and my husband cannot have children, I won't really be sad at all. I know that He's given me a heart to adopt and that's what I want - not necessarily MORE than giving birth to children, but... well, there's a lot less physical pain, grin. (Birth is NOT something I am even remotely looking forward to.)

Anyway. There's that.


Jenni said...

I like this post. :D
You've got some lucky kids out there.

pmkat said...

I can totally relate. :)