Sunday, November 26, 2006

Good evening

Good evening, all. Hope you had a blessed Thanksgiving. I did - I spent a lot of time with family... both of my sisters came home and I was so thankful to get some "girl" time in.

Serry helped me decorate my house and I love it... I've got all my lights plugged in downstairs right now. I'll probably get my tree on the 8th... it's my day off. I've got a baby shower here next Sunday so I can't get it till after that - not a TON of room downstairs as it is and i don't want to lose any more space.

I seem to blog when I'm feeling melancholy these days. I wish I could take a mood regulator sometimes, lol. I'm up, then I'm down. Oh well, through it all we know that God is right there with us, eh?

I've read so much Scripture today, it's crazy. Teaching on Praying Scripture on Tuesday and today was a lot of the leg work. I already have known pretty much how I want to handle it, but with family and the holiday... well, today was the first full down day i've had! and now i'm sad that it's over - and looking like it's going to be a week full of THINGS. It'll be another busy one.

Anyway, nothing really interesting to say. Hope you're all enjoying life - whether it brings snow (as in WA) or sunshine. Good evening.

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Slicer said...

God Bless you, Emily!
He is definitely there when you are feeling melancholy. But you must also be on alert for the attacks of the enemy during your down times.
I'm so glad you had a pleasant Thanksgiving. It's so nice to read that the family gatherings go well. Ours was a blast!

Praying for you...