Thursday, February 22, 2007

Greetings from Pasco

Hi everyone. I'm in Pasco - that's in Eastern WA - for work. Had a site reveiw in Spokane today, then drove down here. 2 here today, the I fly back to Seattle tomorrow evening. It's a long week, and I'm really tired.

I'm sitting on my hotel bed right now - watching Growing Pains. I love Growing Pains. Kirk Cameron was such a cutie. ;) I love a lot of the new, intense, don't-miss-a-week, TV shows (24, Heroes, etc.) but I really do miss 80s sitcoms. This, Who's the Boss?, Family Ties, The Cosby Show, etc.

Guess what? Saturday I get to pick up... my two new little boys!!! :) I'm still grieving over Whiskers - I really do miss her. It's been so difficult not to have her around. However... last weekend I went to a cat rescue place called Feline Friends. It's pretty incredible. They've rescued so many lost and abused kitties. When I went, the litter of kittens (originally 4) was down to two. I was looking for a girl, but... decided to go ahead and look - can't hurt, right? Well...

I went in to the kitten room and met these two little two and a half month old boys. They were crazy. They were adorable. They were so sweet. They're twins, both black with little puffs of white on their chests. I left there struggling - I loved them, but they were BOYS... well, after a day of realizing that I don't NEED a girl, and that it might be a nice switch - and a separation of "categories" from Whiskers... I called Feline Friends and said "I want to adopt them!"

I'm picking them up on Saturday!!! I'm so excited. I think we're all going to be good for each other. :) I'll post pictures this weekend. :)


Michael Schmidt said...

Welcome to my home. You should come by and visit my family. It would be great to see you.

Emily said...

I seriously thought about it yesterday. Unfortunately, I just don't have time! :( I tried to figure out a way to catch my sister in Pullman, too, but it's just not working. Know that I thought about you though!!!!! :)

Michael Schmidt said...

Which hotel are you staying at?