Saturday, February 24, 2007

My BOYS! :)

OK, here are my boys. :) They've been living in my house happily for about 7 hours now and have adapted VERY quickly. ;) Their big playroom is my office (umm... yeah), but they get the office bathroom all to themselves. Litter, food, blankies, toys - a bunch of stuff in there. that's where they're staying tonight and during the first few days alone. Here - they're black - not totally photogenic. ;)

Bottom one is the big one, top one is the small one. Note that they're twins... but the little one has more white on his chest. Note the silver hair on their back!


Jenni said...

I dont' know...I think they're pretty darn cute. Doesn't photogenic mean doesn't look good in pictures??? They looko like cute little kittens to me!

Anonymous said...

Emily your kittens are cute! I love the picture of the one on the couch. They look like a ball of energy ready to explode. Have fun with them!


Jenni said...

Speaking of the one on the couch (which is my fave I think), I think this is the first time I've SEEN your red couch! Rock on!!!