Thursday, March 01, 2007


Oh my... life is no longer dull. When you have two crazies living with you, you know you're in for a surprise. I've pretty much decided on names for my crazy babies. The big one will be called "Lockwood" and the small one, "Cosmo." Ever seen Singing In the Rain? Don Lockwood and Cosmo Brown. :) I'm starting to learn to tell them apart without having to see their white spots. ;) (Lockwood just came to my feet and now he's purring on my lap - he's such a sweet boy!)

I still miss my Whiskers terribly. My heart breaks when I think that she's not here... and I tear up pretty easily. The house, however, is no longer lonely. I have someone(S!) to come home to. I have little boys who depend on me. Whiskers wouldn't be happy that THEY are using HER scratching post and running around HER house, but... I needed it. They're good boys who get in a ton of trouble... but hey - what else can you expect? They're kittens!

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