Saturday, November 03, 2007

Caleb Chapman

Caleb - Steven's 18 year old son.
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Sarah said...

I saw Caleb at the Casting Concert and no offence,in my opinion, Caleb and Will were even better than Casting Crowns! Caleb's vocals... oh too soul moving to describe in words. And Will is a master at all of the things he plays! I am lucky to have such a close relationship with the Lord even though I am not but a recently turned thirteen year old. As close as it was then, I had a life changing experience when Caleb sang Wait. I cried and had moved my relationship with Him to a much higher level. Thank you Caleb and Will, you have changed my life drastically to a great extent just with that song.

Sarah. said...

Lol. I as well saw Caleb and Will at a Casting Crowns concert... They were absoultely AMAZING, and I'm glad I went. Their songs blessed my life, especially "Wait."
I'm actually starting to believe that CALEB is my favorite band now. Keep playing for Jesus, boys. (:

Love, Sarah.