Saturday, December 08, 2007


OK, here's an update of the boys. At their first birthday, my mom got them a laser to play with. They LOOOOOOVVVEEE it. Seriously. This picture is of them and their laser (it's on the wall). Lockwood is on the boxes, Cosmo is staring at me.

This is of the two of them. Happy Birthday, Babies! (Lockwood in the back.)

Cosmo - 1 year old. Look at how good he looks. (It's all a facade.)


Slicer said...

Isn't it amazing how fast they grow!?
I was almost disappointed that our cats didn't stay small longer.
They are beautiful, Emily.

Jenni said...

How do YOU tell them apart? (other than being their mother, of course.)

Emily said...

by being their mother. They really DO look different from each other - at least after you spend some time with them. different attitudes, everything. the same way you can tell which is which when it's dark in the middle of the night... I know lucky will get face to face with me, and cos will sleep at my feet. things like that.