Saturday, February 02, 2008


Hi all!

Guess what? In just over a month, my sponsored child, Ezra, will be EIGHT years old!!! I can't believe it. I've sponsored her through Compassion - she's actually the second child I've sponsored. the first had to leave the program, I can't remember the reasons. Anyway, I've been sponosring Ezra for... I think three years? Four years? Well, several years.

It's been great... most of you know that I want to adopt kids, especially internationally, when I "grow up." In a way, I feel like I'm contributing to that "cause" by sponsoring a child now. I know that when I begin to adopt, I'd like my kids to help sponsor another child or children. It just... makes sense. I mean... even when I feel broker than broke, I look at everything I have, and I see how much God has blessed me. It's not fair for me to keep that blessing all to myself.

Someday... in all my world travels that I will do, I want to visit her. I want to meet her. I want to give her a hug and tell her that she is not just loved by me and her family and teachers and and friends, she is loved more than anything by the Creator of life... and to pass on a little bit of that blessing that I mentioned above.

If you've never sponsored a child, I recommend it. It's... it's good. That's a simple discription, but... that's what God used to describe the creation of the earth, didn't He? "He saw that it was good." Be a part. :)

Anyway... Happy Birthday, Ezra!!!

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