Saturday, April 19, 2008

The Snow This Morning

My back deck - look at the size of those flakes... Good thing I haven't started buying and planting flowers yet. BTW - that wooden birdhouse planter thing is the planter that I need to paint that's on my 30 List.

The road heading toward my house.
From my front porch. If you look closely, you can see the buds on the bare tree nearest me. Also, those trees on the other side of the street are in FULL BLOOM. They're a gorgeous pink right now.


Slicer said...

So... since you were stuck inside, did you paint the flower box!?
Missed opportunity...

Emily said...

haha - that would require three things:
1 - the flower box NOT being soaked
2 - actually HAVING paint
3 - not being SICK, blech


I'm going to paint it outside I think. less messy. :)

Slicer said...

Sorry you are sick!
Guess you need to buy the paint so you are ready next time ;-)