Sunday, May 04, 2008

30 List Update

Here's an update. Things in this color are complete. I have just over a month... some of these are daily things, or things that require some major time investment (Philippians is 1/4 memorized). Some are planned (traveling out of state, lol). Some are related to my birthday itself. One thing... with whom am I supposed to go on a date? Oy... Help?!

30 Things to Accomplish Before I Turn 30
(June 20, 2008)

Find Iverson's Grocery (my great-grandparents')
Travel out of the state
Read my Bible every day, 1/1/08-6/20/08
Plant flowers
Paint my long flowerbox

Go on a date
Get a massage
Memorize one book of the Bible
Go to a drive in
Write a poem
Try 4 new restaurants
Pay off my credit card
Read Anna Karenina
Make truffles
Lie in the grass
Introduce my kitties to Gus (my dog)

Learn the dance to Thriller
Buy 2 boquets
Watch a sunrise
Surprise someone
Send a card to someone
Compliment a stranger

Learn basic phrases in: Italian, Arabic, Chinese
Visit the Monarch Sculpture Park
Frame my beach sunset pictures
Send my (already cut) hair to Locks of Love
Send a secret to PostSecret
Read a children's book
Plan a GREAT 30th birthday party
Create a scrapbook of The 30 List

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