Monday, June 30, 2008

Happy New Year!

Seriously... at work, today was the last day of the fiscal year. I'm sure some of you out there follow the same calendar that I do, and if you do... I hope you had little stress and lots of laughter. (In my office the much stress was the CAUSE of the laughter! It's really hard to talk to your boss when he's mocking you, lol.)

Anyway, with the end of the fiscal year starts the beginning of July. I'm excited about July... kind of nervous in a way, but nervous like I would be if i were going to meet someone famous. See... if you've kept up with the 30 List at all, you know that I've been in the Bible every day this year. I've honestly NEVER done that before... which is funny because I LOVE Scripture. I just... I'm lazy, i guess. Anyway, this started out as a commitment I made to God at church 6 months ago--and now has become a combination challenge/joyful journey. Each month almost, God has challenged me with something new, a commitment to add another chapter on to the reading, etc. July... well, I don't want to get into it all here, but July will continue where I've been (a minimum of 3 chapters a day--more is ALWAYS an option, lol), and... EXTRA. SO... feel free to ask about the extra... I'm hoping to have things to share about on here next month. I'm up for a CHANGE in my heart and my relationship with God--so here's hoping. :)

Oh, and I thought I'd share in case... I saw a note from Mary Beth yesterday... and she is hurting. She misses her baby. Please continue to remember them in prayer (and those others who have lost someone so dear as well). God is faithful and He will continue to make a way out of this darkness that they face.

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Carmel said...

Ha! Yay for the new financial year...of course it means I'm now in the insane busy season at work but I'm happy there :-)