Friday, June 13, 2008

I had a dream last night...

... and as a few of you may know, God often speaks to me through dreams. Normally, I share those dreams with very few people. However...
(Keep in mind that I didn't write this down when I dreamt it--which I'm supposed to do.)

I was at some function where they offered a few things to do each night. On this particular night, there was the option of going to a Steven Curtis Chapman concert or some other small event (I can't even remember what it was). For a reason that I cannot now explain, I chose to go to the other event. I enjoyed it, but definitely missed seeing Steven perform.

When my event was finished, I headed for the auditorium where Steven had performed. I learned that he'd been doing meet and greets with the audience and was kind of surprised. I looked up front and there were only about 3 people left in line. I quickly walked up there and took my place. The auditorium was quickly emptying, the cleaning crew was there, the stage guys were tearing down... it was pretty much just Steven and the few of us in line.

Finally, it was my turn. I reached to grab something for him to autograph but realized I only had a tiny piece of paper (think gum wrapper size). Knowing that TALKING to him was more important to me, I just handed it over. He kept the same smile and happy face that he had on as we shook hands (he was sitting behind a table). Without me saying anything, he took the paper, wrote "Hi, Emily." on it, and handed it back. I was so surprised (he remembered me from previous meetings), everything I wanted to say froze. All I got out was "Thank you." I didn't get to tell him how much Maria has impacted the world; how because HE fell in love with her, SHE is now spending eternity with Jesus; how we've all been praying for them; I didn't get to PRAY with him.

As I stepped backwards and his "people" started to tear down the table and things, I watched a transformation. The man that had been smiling and performing all night and truly worshiping God melted into a severely grieving father. He kept his smile on, but his whole body reflected an unimaginable grief. I think I began crying... and then I woke up.

As I lay there... obviously I had to pray. Most of my dreams are filled with symbolism, where Steven would represent something in my life. However... this time... I thought it was pretty clear. The Chapman family still desperately needs our prayers. Steven is heading into Father's Day weekend--trying to celebrate what he still HAS here on earth, while both grieving the loss of a special little girl and comforting a broken and hurting son. I think my friend Apostle is right... we ARE here to rejoice AND grieve with our brothers and sisters in Christ. Will you let my dream be a reminder to you to pray for this family, to aggressively rail at heaven's doors and cry for comfort and peace and joy and love overflowing?