Monday, June 23, 2008

It's 6:01 on June 23rd...

That's pretty amazing to me. You see... it means that right now:
*I am in my 30s
*The year is almost half over
*The days are now getting SHORTER (insert sad smiley)
*I am not at work (halleluia!)
*I can pretty much do whatever I want for the next 4 hours (as long as it includes dinner and reading my bible)
*It's sunny and 68 and just darn pleasant outside
*I have very happy memories from this past weekend
*I am looking forward to a lot this year (yes, I know I thrive on change--I'm weird like that)
*I was very productive today (after I learned that one of my favoritest co-workers EVER is leaving us)
*Generally? I'm feeling pretty darn good. :)

And now it's 6:05 and time to post. :)

1 comment:

Jenni said...

Wow, you do thrive on change...including changes to your blog! Looks good. I like the font color.

May this year be one of the most rewarding yet!!!