Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Just a note...

Hi everyone... Comment here to say hi... there's not a ton of you around these days. Do you all like my new layout? I love it. :) Make sure you click on the picture of Maria on the top right... it's worth it.

I've been in the beginning of the Bible lately. Currently in Leviticus. Torn between going completely nuts with how many sacrifce options there are and having to read through them all, and... the fact that even before grace was offered freely through Jesus Christ... God, perfection Himself, allowed ways for His people to come to Him. That pretty much blows me away.

I just finished a book called Home To Holly Springs. It was really sweet, I liked it. I'm going to look up the series that the main character came out of and read those. But first I have to finish Anna Karenina - it's on my 30 List.

Speaking of my 30 List... I'm supposed to go on a date... sigh... I put it on there hoping... but at this point, I've got 16 days left. It makes me sad... I just don't know single men... and the older I get, the more married they get. Where ARE the good, single, Christian, men? I've come to suspect that they don't exist anymore... I certainly haven't seen any lately. In that book I just mentioned, the main character quoted someone... basically, the person said... Two people plus two people equals four people. but if you double one person... you get FAR more than just two people... you get an exponential amount of LIFE. I'm just looking for one. That's all. And it's so FREAKING frustrating.

Yikes, it's almost 10. bedtime.


Michael Schmidt said...

Hi Emily, I am still here, reading your posts via Google Reader.

Emily said...

MIKE!!! I miss seeing you!!! Thank you for letting me know you're reading!! :)

Kristy said...

<3 I always read your blog!

PMKat said...

I've been neglecting my online reading lately, but you're not forgotten. :)

Slicer said...

New format looks nice ;-)

16 days, huh... I know some guys, but you live so stinkin' far away!

Love ya Em!!