Saturday, June 28, 2008

Meet the boys... :)

First person to guess the song and artist in the background wins! :)


tammi said...

It's gotta be and SCC song, but I have no idea which one :)

Emily said...

hahaha - 1/2 right. ;)

Mandy said...

Darn! I've been trying for over an hour to figure it out. I'm stumped!! If you weren't talking so darn much, Em, it might be a little easier to figure it out! I admit I am sadly slacking on my SCC knowledge. How is that YOU have surpassed us all!?!?!?
Love you!!!

Emily said...

I just care more or something. ;)

I'd post the title, but not yet. There are a few friends of mine who will be able to ID it immediately--I just know they haven't checked my blog yet. ;) Matt? Kathy? Any other pirates?

PMKat said...

Faithful Too.

From long-time-ago SCC.

What do I win??? :)

Slicer said...

I can't see the video from work since they block that stuff. Otherwise I would have probably solved it last night.
I'll take a look from home tomorrow, but it looks like Kathy may have beat me to it. ;-)

slicer said...

Finally got around to watching your kitties from the home pc.
Knew the song before the mouse came into focus!
Now I gotta go get that cd out and give the whole thing a listen.
That's from the First Hand disc way back in 1988! The mullet days!! lol!