Friday, August 29, 2008

Fluffy white clouds

So at this exact moment I'm laying on Gentry's couch, typing on her laptop, waiting for her to get home in ten or fifteen minutes. I'm on a mini-vacation folks. :)

The drive up here was fine... until it started POURING just south of Bellingham. Torrential downpour. HOWEVER... just a few minutes ago I got a call from BJ thanking me for bringing the sunshine--it's gorgeous outside now!! :)

Today is my brother, Scott's, birthday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY. Someday you'll all know him as a famous... well, something famous related to movies or tv or something. we'll see what happens when he grows up.

It's really quiet here. I like where I live well enough, but the road outside my house is LOUD. this is really peaceful.

If you haven't had the chance, make sure you check out Monday through Wednesdsay's Focus On the Family with Dr. James Dobson. Steven was on it all three days... and his story just proved what an AWESOME God we serve. You can find it online... One of these days I'll include the link for you. I ended up downloading it and puting it on my iPod... listened while I drove up here.

I'm reading Judges right now. Just started actually. Just finished Deuteronomy and Joshua. I think after Judges I'll pick something in the New Testament.. actually, next weekend will start reading through Luke and Ephesians with the church--one chapter a day. So I'll do that and then just stick with my trip through the Old Testament right now. It's possible that I'll get the whole thing read through this year. Lately a ton of people have asked me how many times I've read the bible through... it's such an odd question to me... because it's not like I normally read from Genesis to Revelation over and over. I can be pretty random when I'm reading... and sometimes I've been "stuck" in a short book like Ephesians for an extended period of time... reading and rereading. Depends on what God's doing!

What are YOU reading right now??? :)


Brittany said...

OUCH! (that was in reference to your comment in my blog) Numbers is to answer your question here!

Brittany said...

But touche.

Jenni said...

I actually haven't been in Scripture lately. I'm currently reading about three books, though.

Mandy said...

I spent the weekend with my mom and Dave out at Anderson Island. We went out on their boat both days. Talk about peaceful! It was amazing and I DID NOT want to come home.
But to answer your question . . . I am reading (and really enjoying) The Shack.

Slicer said...

Hey Emily!

Glad you brought the sunshine!
I've got a few projects in the works as far as reading goes.

Several technical journal articles related to work, my backlog of Reader's Digests and Guideposts, several other periodicals.

Last books I read were The Shack and The Last Lecture. Both were very good.

Gotta refocus and get myself back in the Word on a regular basis...