Monday, August 04, 2008

This is me

Good evening, everyone... it's been awhile since I've done much of a REAL update post, so here I am. :)

Last Friday I did an "interview" with Wolf Haven International to be a volunteer. Their mission is "'working for wolf conservation' by: protecting our wild wolves; providing sanctuary for captive-born wolves; promoting wolf restoration in historic ranges; and educating the public on the value of all wildlife." Earlier this summer, I was looking for some volunteer opportunities - I wanted somewhere where I could get involved in something good, impact people (or animals in this case), get out of my current world (i.e. work and church), and develop some strong relationships with people I may not otherwise meet. Wolf Haven kept coming up. After scouring their site for information, and using the knowledge I've had about WHI all growing up, I decided to volunteer. I'm now a tour guide-in-training. :) I'm totally excited... and have already learned SO MUCH about wolves--and I'm barely scratching the surface. As a tour guide, I have to learn a TON of information (remember, tour guides are supposed to be the experts). Once I learn it, I have a "test" and have to do a practice tour with the volunteer coordinator (which will come after observing several tours as well). Once I pass both of those, I'll be a certified tour guide! I suspect that as things happen there and as I learn more, I'll be posting info on wolves. I hope you look forward to learning with me... With everything I learn, I'm really astounded at how the wolf was designed to create balance in our environment.

I thought I'd also share some things I'm learning in Scripture. I'm in Proverbs now--should be through with it in a few days (need to figure out where to go next). Something interesting I found the other day... I was reading Psalm 136. You might want to go there in another window. Please? OK, now that you're there, read it. Don't worry, I'll wait. ... ... ... ... ... ... ... OK, done? Good. Now when you read it, did you READ EVERY WORD? Or did you read:
Give thanks to the LORD, for he is good.
His love endures forever.
2 Give thanks to the God of gods.
(I don't have to read the echo any more because I've already read it once and know it's there)

The first time I started it the other day, I was of the second mindset. I knew the words, I could SKIM them. Yeah... then I forced myself to start over. I read. every. single. word. And you know what? A dinky history lesson became and amazing epic about God's love throughout time! If you didn't read every word, I'd encourage you to go back and do it again--I promise, it won't take long. :)

OK, I'm listening to these little 7 year old boys out side and they're singing a little chant/song thing... One, two--lallalalalooo (I can't remember the words), three, four--lock the door..... then they shout out "pick up hot chicks!" Sigh..... HAHA now a MOM heard it and said, "Pick up WHAT?!" hahahahhaha

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