Monday, September 22, 2008

The concert

So Saturday night was the Steven Curtis Chapman/Michael W. Smith concert at the Puyallup Fair. I went with my friend BJ, and even got to see an old friend, Anita, there.Steven opened... it was SO good to see him again. It just warmed my heart, especially since after Maria's death, he wasn't sure he could do this again. He started with Blessed Be Your Name, including an explanation about Maria. When he got to the "You give and take away" part... his voice broke, and it just about broke my heart. Throughout the night, he referenced Maria's death a lot... but in a hopeful, loving way--the pain was obvious, but so, too, was the amazing strength he and his family have grown in.

He performed for an hour and a half--a lot of his popular songs, including several slow ones. It was hard for me because I'm used to standing up and singing and dancing during his concerts... but I sat most of this one. Caleb was playing with The Following, so he wasn't there... and there were no fancy screens or gameboy graphics (lol) projected behind him. Just him and the band, and some fun lights. It was a great show, however... I'd have to say it was probably my least favorite of all of his concerts I've been to over the last 12 years. Remember, though - least favorite still means it was fabulous! :)
Then we had intermission, and soon Michael W. Smith came on the stage. This is BJ's reaction...Smitty has reached so many people with his music... I just wasn't feeling it at the concert. He sang a couple of his songs... 2 new ones and 2 old ones, that I can remember. The rest of them were just worship songs. I say "just," but mean... worship songs that he didn't write, and have no idea if they're on his albums or anything. It was nice, and I DID worship, I had just been hoping for a bit more of HIS music.
My favorite part of MWS on stage? When he introduced the band I moved from polite golf clap to excited screaming for the drummer and guitarist, Michael Olson and Ben Gowell (respectively). I went to NCU with them!! I was SO excited to see them up there, rocking out with Smitty.
Michael Olson
Ben GowellIn all, it was an enjoyable concert. No merch for Steven, so I didn't get to buy a shirt or anything... not that I don't have any SCC stuff. lol I know some of you get to see The United Tour, so I hope you really enjoy it!


Slicer said...

Yay! Thanks for the great recap and the pictures. Unfortunately the video is blocked here at work tonight for some reason.

I'll watch it from home another time.

About Smitty... I have found that this has become typical concert fare for him these last years. He will do a couple of his songs and then it's all about the worship. It's where he is with music these days. If you look at his last few CD's, they are all worship and a lot of it is covering other writers. Not that I mind... but I do miss the old Smitty!

PMKat said...

I have a least favorite SCC concert, too. LOL

I haven't seen MWS in years, but I kinda figured about the whole worship thing. I do miss the old Smitty, too. (Even though he does the worship stuff really well.)

Thanks for the concert report. :)

Brittany said...

Ben too?! Awesome!!

Ruhiyyih Rose said...

What fun!! Great to see BJ on here, too :) I saw SCC in concert in Beijing the day he met his little girl Maria. So moving...

Slicer said...

Hey Emily, I was wondering what the ticket prices were like for the show at the fair.

The closest show to me in Bethesda, MD costs $45-75! Not exactly affordable. The venue is quite upscale, so I figure that plays into the higher price.

Emily said...

Matt - these were $40 each, the pricey ones were $50 each. I'm used to paying... probably between... $40 and $60 per ticket to his shows. Pricey, yes. But well worth it. :)