Monday, September 08, 2008

Yeah buddy

At church we're reading through Luke and Ephesians together, one chapter a day for a month. LOVE IT. You know, that's how I started this whole read every day thing--a challenge to myself and a promise to God to read every day for the month of January. And today makes day... 252, I think. Or 253. At first i felt weird telling people about it. like I was pointing at myself saying, "Look at me, I'm so cool!" Once I got over that, I realized that I'm doing it in obedience to God, and in honor of Him... and I shouldn't feel so awkward about it. So the word's out. WOOT! :)

I'm tired tonight. Worked out today... it's good, but I miss having a workout buddy. Hey friends and family--when do YOU go??? C from work is joining on Wednesday, so that'll be fun.

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Brittany said...

I am inspired by your faithfulness! So that rocks! But you really should be on my blog and not spending this important time on your blog....hee hee hee!

How are the kitties? I haven't heard much lately.