Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Blog for Serry

Check out Serry's blog on the right... I'll have updates there on what's going on in her (and therefore OUR) life.

Thanks all.

Fall is here... rainy rainy rainy. It's nice, though... I like the rain.

MO for prayer

I found something on Outlook 2007 I HATE yesterday... I schedule interpreters for our office and that means that I use Outlook to track everything. I have my own scheduling calendar, but I put the info in all of our Deaf staff's calendars, including changing the category to an Interpreter(s) Scheduled category. All is fine and good until I come to a series - you now can't change the category of an individual appointment in a series... it's all or nothing, baby. Any tech geeks out there know the way around this? (And no, I can't break up the series'--they aren't my appointments!) I just want them to be YELLOW!

All for now...

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PMKat said...

I think I could figure out a way to work around it. IM with me sometime soon, and I'll help you figure it out.