Thursday, January 29, 2009


Ruhiyyih did this cool post on the letter C. She assigned me the letter M! Let's see what happens!!

I'm supposed to write 10 things I love that start with an M. Here it goes...

1. Music. I've loved music since... forever. I wanted to play the flute when I was old enough to know what a flute was. While I don't still play, I have GREAT appreciation for those who do... and that's the one thing in my past that I desperately wish was still in my present.

2. Melissa McCarthy. Most of you probably have no idea who she is... She played Sookie on Gilmore Girls. She was gorgeous, NOT a perfect size two, and hilarious. Definitely one of my favorite characters.

3. Milan. OK, so I've never been. But I WILL go someday... Italy is top on my list of countries to visit.

4. Movies. Good ones at least. They're fun. :)

5. Money. OK, I don't LOVE it. But I do like it.

6. Mothers. I couldn't do without mine.

7. MUSICALS. I cannot express just how much I LOVE ME some MUSICALS! If you haven't seen The Drowsy Chaperone and it comes to your area, SEE IT. it's TOTALLY worth it.

8. M&M's. They're just fun. And when they come out in all the holiday colors they're just so festive. and their commercials are funny, too.

9. Mickey Mouse. We're good friends... I like to visit his house sometimes. :)

10. Miracles. Needing these special things in life right now, too.

For MORE FUN, here are 10 things that I DON'T like that start with an "M".

1. Mice. Some of you (ok, two that I know of) have either mice or rats for pets. I'm sorry. I love YOU, I just don't love your creatures.

2. Mondays. Seriously. 'Nuff said.

3. Mistletoe. Stupid.

4. MEDULLOBLASTOMA. I can't imagine hating something more than I hate Medulloblastoma. Ever.

5. Moodiness. It's just not fun.

6. Mung Beans. OK, I don't know if I don't like them. They just sound gross, though.

7. Menstration. Seriously.

8. Moving. It's just... it's not fun at all.

9. Monsters. They're just bad... and they act all "AAARRRRRRGH!" and stuff.

10. Mojitos. I hate ALL alcohol, but this one is especially bad. Ugh, I SHUDDER just thinking about it!

Who wants to play along? I'll send you a fun letter...

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Ruhiyyih Rose said...

I totally saw "The Drowsy Chaperone" on broadway in '07, starring Bob Saget :) Hilarious!

Thanks for playing along! Great to see you back on here! :)