Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Snow Day!!!

  • Outside of my window…. is snow. And ice. And frozenness. BRRRRRR....
  • I am thankful for… Christmas movies. I've been watching a LOT of the Hallmark channel. A LOT.
  • I am thinking about… the fact that my eyeballs hurt and I'm really tired.
  • I am praying for…my future. My husband, my children... those orphans who don't/won't have a mommy until God lets me into their lives.
  • My projects for the weekend…Christmas and Thanksgiving. The Thanksgiving part is obvious, but I'm starting to decorate for Christmas right now. I just cleaned some parts of my carpet today, so I've got furniture in the middle of the room. When the carpet dries (i.e. tomorrow), I'll have everything rearranged so I can get my Christmas tree next week.
  • I am nervous about... The busyness of this next month. Between commitments at church, work, etc., I have to truly focus on God - and the reason WHY I am so busy--how much I love my Jesus and celebrating his birth!!

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