Sunday, November 14, 2010

This and That

I stole this from another blog--Michelle is a Compassion Advocate and I love reading her stories about her kids, etc. She posts this from time to time... and I sometimes have a hard time coming up with fun topics... so this is what *I* am going to modify for myself!!! :)
  • Outside of my window…. it finally looks like November. :) It's gray, drizzly, cool... It's funny, though... with the warm days + the rain, some of my plants have started blooming again! I've got a bright yellow Gerbera Daisy on my porch--my favorite flower... thanks, God!
  • I am hearing… the Dick Van Dyke Show. I just turned an episode on to watch while I ate some lunch. :) All weekend, though, it's been Pandora with Christmas music!
  • I am smelling… my fuzzy, snuggly Lockwood.
  • I am wearing… my 2007 RID long sleeved shirt. It's warm and comfy.
  • My plans for the day…I already went to church... I help sometimes with the sound for Children's Church. It was fun, and the kids were super cute. I MAY have friends swinging by later, but not sure. That means I should probably vacuum downstairs! :)
  • I am thankful for… my long weekend. I've been off work since Wednesday (it's Sunday now) and have done SO Much in my house. It's been a long time since I've been this productive.
  • I am thinking about… how glad I am that I've gotten connected with Faith Assembly of Lacey. I just love the people there, and God is truly growing me there.
  • I am creating… at the moment... nothing. I haven't picked up my cross-stitch for a LONG time. I may have to do that soon.
  • I am praying for… My Ezra in Indonesia. She's my sponsored child through Compassion, and I've been writing her more and more lately... I feel like I'm actually developing a relationship with her--and it's about time. If you sponsor a child, I would really like to encourage you to WRITE to him or her... it's as important as the monthly money.
  • My projects for the week… Well, my major project this weekend was getting my house clean - and, except for the office, I accomplished it. It feels SO good.

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