Saturday, August 25, 2012


So my last post mentioned a little about my list of 1,000 gifts based on the book with the same name.  I'm almost to number 100--I'll probably get there this weekend!

Something I've noticed... I constantly want to be adding gifts related to LAUGHTER!  I didn't realize how important laughter us to me until I started this process!

It makes me realize what a great gift we have been given... Laughter is infectious (like a yawn!), so we can share it with so many others!  (I'm sorry if you're yawning now--I am, too!)  I work with someone who's laugh will pull you out of despair or anger or apathy... Once he starts, you join in--even though you're not even around his conversation!

Are you doing a list?  Noticed any patterns on yours?

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