Thursday, August 26, 2004

Chocolate Cake

I just had a piece of chocolate cake from KFC. YUM! :)

I heard this on the radio yesterday... When all time cues are removed, the average person sleeps 10.3 hours per day. 10.3! Where are my extra hours?!?!?!

So my dog, Gus, got into some sort of scrape today... I came home and saw a wound on his lip--it's from today. Either he got into a fight (you should see the other dog) or he tried to get through somewhere that had sharp things. Poor puppy. (No, he's not a puppy... he's a big ol' 5 year old Shepherd/Rotteweiler.)

I'm going to start preaching from 1 John I think. For a little while. God brought me there recently and it just... well, this morning I popped my 1 John CD in my car stereo (bought the New Testament on CD--GREAT investment). The MOMENT it started playing I felt all tingly inside. It was like... This is the WORD OF GOD! It was weird. But very good. I feel thankful that God listens to prayers and answers them. I haven't been as deep into Scripture as I should be and I started praying for a hunger for the Word. When I go to bed at night on a day I haven't read/heard the Bible... I can tell! Something in me just says, "You're not done yet!" Then when I read I feel so refreshed. Sad thing though... I can't find my big Bible. It's been about a week or two that it's been awol. While in school i only ever used the tiny one--best for backpacks, etc. But now... I LIKE having my big one. I hope I find it soon.

OK, I'm going to go now. Maybe I'll find some cool stuff and post it. We'll see. :) Night!

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