Tuesday, August 24, 2004

Tuesday night...

So here it is, 9:31 on Tuesday night. I went out to dinner with a friend tonight--Subway is just the best. ;) Small group is cancelled for tomorrow night--sad for me because that's where I get fed the most during the week. It's MY time. God is blessing me with new (and renewed!) friendships. The past year was pretty tough without the immediate support of all my friends... life is a little rougher when all your friends are hours north or south of you or STATES away. Bless you, Johnne, for putting up with me this year! You really are a faithful friend!!!

Jenni's coming out in September. I'm super excited. :) I hope it doesn't rain too much while she's here, but it IS Washington and fall DOES seem to have started. What happened to the 95 degree weather?! LOL We're going to see Mt. Ranier (yes, Robin, it DOES exist) and probably Seattle (maybe ride a duck??? we'll see), and the ocean. And church--I haven't preached in front of Jenni for a LONG time! It'll be like the old days! smile

Friday night I think I'm going to go to the Greenlake Deaf Coffeehouse. I haven't gone yet and think I should--could be lots of fun and a good way to meet some new people in the Deaf community around here. It seems like most of the younger Deaf around here just... aren't. Except my friends down south! Love you guys!! :) We have the interpreting workshop this saturday, too... I really should go to that, and I want to (it's on semantics), but... I think i'm going to use Saturday to rejuvinate myself. Try to get some things done around here that I've wanted to do for awhile.

OK, so thanks for sticking with me through my book... who knows how often I'll post on here. Hopefully pretty regularly... Yep! Adios, y'all!

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Michael Schmidt said...

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