Thursday, August 26, 2004

Mt. Ranier

I mentioned I'm taking Jenni to Mt. Ranier (because it's not just an illusion as my last non-native visitor thought). Here's some interesting info on it (

Established in 1899. 235,625 acres (97% is designated Wilderness). Includes Mount Rainier (14,410'), an active volcano encased in over 35 square miles of snow and ice. The park contains outstanding examples of old growth forests and subalpine meadows.

The picture gets to go in a different blog because i'm still figuring it out... COOL! It worked! :)

Man... they charge $10/car. Oh well, it'll be worth it! Woo hoo! Fun Stuff!


Jenni said...

Hello friend.

Cool blog! I finally made it to the library to see your blog and I like it. You've done a ton more to yours than I have to mine. In fact, I haven't been back to mine since the day I set it up; after this I"m going to go post.

yay, I get to see you in a week! (give or take a few days ;) )

Robin said...

LOL and just keep on laughing. I just wanted everyone to know that I was Emily's visitor and still think Mt Rainier is a figment of Washington's imagination. Spending a little over a week in the area....and not ever seeing it leads one to believe it is a big joke played on tourist.....LOL