Saturday, August 28, 2004


(This is from the Elijah list... and Johnne just forwarded it to me.)

by Bill

God, many times, speaks to me through everyday, right-where-I-am situations, circumstances, and locations. At times, He seems to put out an "all points" bulletin on me to track me down. He seems to follow me around.

My family and I were pulling into the parking lot of Hershey Amusement Park, Hershey Pennsylvania, the city that is famous for chocolate around the world...Now there's a land that's flowing with "milk and honey!" My cell phone rang and the pastor of a church asked me if I knew of what direction my message was taking for his church for this coming Sunday morning. I said, "I honestly don't know yet." But, during that day, in the midst of all the crowd of people and screaming children on roller coasters, I believe I heard the voice of God loud and clear for the whole Body of Christ.

The lines to get on the amusement rides were very long. The more thrilling the ride was, the longer you had to wait in line for it. For some rides you had to wait an hour and a half to get on them. My son and his cousin, after what seemed forever, finally got on their first ride, and as soon as they got off, the first words that they couldn't seem to wait to tell us were..."It was worth waiting for!" It seemed the thrill of that ride made them forget how long they had waited to get on it. They turned around and scurried to get in line again to stand for another hour and a half, all excited to get on it again!

"God Will Seemingly Take Forever to Do Something Suddenly!"
The ride they enjoyed the most was the world's first hydraulic launch roller coaster with inversions called "The Storm Runner!" This one-of-a-kind coaster launches you from a standstill of 0 to 72 mph in 2 seconds flat! Eighteen stories straight up, straight down. We're talking vertical horsepower! And that's just the beginning. You fly through loops, twists, and turns so fast you don't know which way is West! Forthose who have ever wondered, yes, angels do ride on roller coasters! My wife and I watched as people would sit still in that coaster and then a voice loud and clear would announce..."Ready...Go!" And when you heard the word "Go!" they would already be going 72 miles an hour!

In the Spirit, I don't know what God has you waiting in line for that represents your promised land that is flowing with "milk and honey," but I can tell you one thing: what is coming is worth waiting for! Your inheritance is very near! I smell chocolate, I smell milk, and I smell honey! Stay in line for it. Don't get out of line now. It may only be one and a half hours away from where you are standing! Though the vision tarries, wait for it, for it will surely will not tarry!

I sense the enemy is trying to persuade many to get out of line and give up. "Go to a shorter line to ride something else." But listen, the shorter lines won't be the ride you are looking for. The longer the wait, the greater the thrill. Contend to stay in line, for it is coming!

Bob Sorge says, "God will seemingly take forever to do something suddenly!" I sense a suddenly from your waiting is about to happen. I sense God is releasing a "Storm Runner" anointing upon His people. A "Storm Runner" anointing to break through troops, leap over high walls, and run through storms with excitement. The storm that made the disciples afraid put Jesus to sleep in the boat! This "Storm Runner" anointing will literally kick down the gates of hell and cause us to deliver the prey of the enemy back into the kingdom of God! Hell is trembling at this type of anointing.

"I Hear the Father About to Say, 'Ready...Go!'"
Many of you have waited and waited, but I hear the Father about to say..."Ready...Go!" I noticed the announcement for this ride was not for people to get ready, but was declaring they were ready! In fact, whether you felt ready or not you were going to be launched, for it was too late to get off the ride now. I sense the Father knows that many of you don't really feel ready, but that is good. That way He gets all the glory for this ride of your life!

I asked the Lord once, "When you told the Israelites that you were giving them the land of promise, did you just give it to them or did they have to contend for it and go get it?" The Lord answered, "Yes!"

Contend to stay in line and line up with what God is speaking to you concerning your inheritance. Say what He has spoken to you about. Contend means to dispute (a verbal controversy). The devil will try to convince you to talk about your inheritance in the flesh to get you out of believing for it in the Spirit. "Answer him not a word!" I believe that's why the Lord had his people walk around Jericho with their mouths shut (the greater miracle than the walls falling down), so He could give them the city! Sometimes our inheritance will come just by keeping our mouth shut!

For many who have seemingly waited forever, I sense the Father about to say..."Ready...Go!" He is going to launch many from 0 to 72 mph in the Spirit into your inheritance deep into your promised land. It is that close now. I believe we are next in line for "The Storm Runner" anointing. The ride of our life! "Can you smell chocolate? Can you smell milk? And can you smell honey?"

I smell victory! In your last waiting moments, go ahead and eat a piece of chocolate and give someone a Hershey kiss! We are about to be launched!
by Bill Yount

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