Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Insightful Post

Yeah, i really wanted this to be a deep, insightful post. Hmmm... I'm too tired to do that... Maybe I should change into an Eggar Suit. SMILE.

I went to work out today. I went around the circuit one and a half times and then I just stood there. My arms and legs did not want to go any further. But I tried to remind them of the food I ate last week. They said, "Oh, we climbed Mt. Rainier. We're fine." I told them that wasn't enough for the rest of my life. They said, "SO?" Yeah. I finished the circuit--I just had to ignore the protests (I swear there was a silent rally going on in my veins!). It amazes me how much I dread going some days. I just do NOT want to work out. Then I get there and it's like I'm just getting through it. And then I leave and feel GREAT. yeah, I almost busted a move in there tonight. I thought about trying out that new hip hop dance I learned last week... the one on the "Honey" DVD. Then I looked around and thought... Hmmm, make a bigger fool of myself? Let's not for now. I wonder if there are DVDs/Tapes with hip hop dance moves on them. for the rookie. some basics. Anyone seen any of those? Something of the same flava as the teaching section on Honey would be good.

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Kristy said...

Yea there are...look it up online I'm sure you'll find some!