Sunday, September 12, 2004


Well, Jenni's at the airport - her plane leaves in a few minutes. I had a TON of fun. BUT YOU WORE ME OUT CHICA. PLUS it's Sunday and that in itself kills me.

I ate a lot of junk food this week. I just ate a lot this week. No good. I think I gained a bit of poundage. This week's goal is to drink a TON of water and work out at BBY at least 3 times. Gotta get strong again.

It's stinking COLD in this house. I can't feel my fingers.

I really wish I had a funny story to tell. Oh, I do. If you're a cop, look away now. Yikes!
We were going to Mt. Rainier on Wednesday. I was driving on Yelm Hwy and obeying the traffic laws... for the most part. So I keep driving. And I see red and know I have to stop. So I stop. Look both ways. It's clear so I go. Only problem is, IT'S A STOP LIGHT! Yeah... I'm a smart one. So I realize this halfway through the intersection as Jenni gently points out (while gripping her seat), "Um, Emily... you can't just GO." Thank God no one was coming. Man. You'd think I lived in Miami or something!! ;)

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Jenni said... wore ME out. Take that back. Your state wore me out. ;)

And you're lucky we didn't end up with a ticket! :P