Wednesday, October 27, 2004

The obsession is a healthy one

So I thought you all would appreciate this - then it's bedtime. Oh, especially you, Kristy, in light of your recent comments. :)

Tonight was small group. We had a great night of worship and discussion about the Word. After, we all went outside to see the end of the lunar eclipse. While there, everyone decided we want to "do something". Well, they all decided on hanging out on Friday night--the night I'll be volunteering at the Portland concert. For a second I was really sad that I'd obligated myself to be at the concert--my heart really wanted to be building relationships with friends. Granted, it was only a second (though I DO still wish it was a different night--grin), but it assured me that as much as I am caught up with Chapman-ese... my priorities are straight. :)

Lovin' it.

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